Dear enthusiasts, friends and collectors of flight,

I welcome you all on the site of FAN 2sqn. In contrary of our other websites, where we try to inform you about the life of the squadron, this website will be specialised on everything that relates with flight and collecting, because since long ago flight is connected with fans all around the world, propagating it and presenting their pride for an squadron with souvenirs.

I'm very happy, that also the 2nd squadron, which I'm honoured to lead, is joining the large amount of squadrons, which use an e-shop to provide historical or collectible artefacts that resemble the present or the past of the squadron.

Let me thank people, without whom there wouldn't be this opportunity, for their readiness to cooperate and run the e-shop of the 2nd squadron.

I strongly believe, that all visitors of these websites will be absolutely satisfied with the assortment and services provided for you.

Lt-Col. Roman "Lolo" Poláček
Commander of the "Mustangs"